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Choosing a bird seed for wild birds can be tricky. Some grains, such as milo and wheat are edible, but not necessarily “treats” for birds.  Blue jays, grackles, sparrows and mourning doves enjoy corn, while cardinals, finches and the entire sparrow family favor millet. Cardinals, sparrows, and mourning doves tend to favor safflower, but the most favored bird see of all is black oils sunflower. The black sunflower seed will be gobbled up by nearly every seed-eating species of bird found in Kentucky and Indiana backyards.


To help you with your selection, we have rated our seed mixes based on their content. Seed proportions are relative to the order in the ingredient listing and will help you get a good idea of which types of birds will be visiting your backyard based on their seed preferences. 

Good – Outdoor Mix with corn, wheat, milo, and sunflower 

Better – Fancy Bird Mix with millet, milo, wheat and sunflower

Best – Gourmet Cardinal Mix with safflower, white millet, peanut hearts, wheat and plenty of black oil sunflower seed (35%)


The finches’ favorite

Black Oil Sunflower
The seed that attracts more songbirds than any other. Our sunflower is regionally sourced and double-cleaned.

Striped Sunflower Seed
An alternative to Black Oil Sunflower

Safflower Seed
The cardinals’ favorite seed. Hulled seed means less under-the-feeder cleanup.

Sunflower Hearts
Attract the most songbirds possible and still have nearly zero mess to clean up under the feeder.

Peanut Hearts
Make the birds and the squirrels happy with these hulled and crushed peanuts. No extra cleanup required.



Fancy Bird Mix
Attracts songbirds. With no corn, less desirable birds, like starlings, will stay away from your feeders when you feed this mix. Contains white millet, milo, black sunflower, and wheat.

Outdoor Mix
A mix with multiple bird appeal. Contains milo, cracked corn, wheat, and black sunflower.

Wild Bird Mix
Economical mix for backyard bird feeding. Contains milo, cracked corn, and wheat.

Cardinal Mix
Attract mostly cardinals. Contains black sunflower and safflower.


Songbird Mix
High quality seed mix designed to attract the most number of songbirds. Contains black sunflower, striped sunflower, millet, cracked corn, peanuts, and sunflower hearts.

Wild Finch Blend

Attracts a variety of finches, pine siskins, sparrows and more.

Louisville Audubon’s Gourmet Cardinal Mix
This mix was designed by the Louisville Audubon Society chapter to attract cardinals to your bird feeder. Contains white millet, cracked corn, safflower, peanut hearts, red millet, and plenty of black sunflower seed.

Louisville Audubon’s Original Mix
This mix was designed by the Louisville Audubon Society chapter to attract songbirds to your backyard. Contains cracked corn, red and white millet, and black sunflower seed.

*A portion of proceeds from every bag sold is donated back to area Audubon Society chapters.

Nut & Cherry Mix
Gourmet fare for songbirds. Contains white proso, red millet, safflower, black sunflower, striped sunflower, dried fruits, raw peanut hearts, and grain products.

Golden Hearts Waste-Free Mix
All the seeds and none of the hulls mean you can feed the birds and have no mess under the feeder to clean up. Ideal for patios and decks. Contains cracked corn, white proso, red millet, sunflower hearts, raw peanut hearts, canary seed, and grain products


We also have suet cakes, seed cakes, mealworms, hummingbird nectar and feeders, the latest bird feeders and squirrel baffles, nesting boxes, bird baths and more! You  can always count on the experts at Feeders Supply to provide the very best in wild bird feeding advice. 


It’s easy to see why “Best” is named “Gourmet Cardinal Mix”. This mix features millet, safflower and sunflower, three of the cardinals’ most favorite seeds. The local Audubon Society (link:  recommends this feed, and we donate a portion of each sale of Gourmet Cardinal Mix and Audubon Original Mix to benefit the local Audubon Society chapters. 


Peanuts, Unsalted nuts in the shell, Ear Corn, Dried corn on the cob, Gourmet Squirrel Mix, Wild Life Brunch

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