It's true for us and it's true for them. A puppy growing and exploring the new world. An adult, fit and healthy for any adventure. A mature dog, full of vitality each day. For over 50 years, we've formulated extraordinary nutrition for the healthy, active life that every dog deserves. 

Eukanuba recipes have been reformulated with the Eukanuba ACTIVEAvantage that support BODY, MIND & ENERGY needs to promote a healthy active lifestyle. Each diet is scientifically formulated to meet the needs of a dog's size, life stage and activity level, in general here is what you can expect in Eukanuba diets. 

  1. ANIMAL BASED PROTEIN AS #1 INGREDIENT: High-quality protein from Chicken or Lamb as our first ingredient. 

  2. BRAIN DEVELOPMENT: Contains DHA and vitamin E for proper brain functions. 

  3. ENERGY: Optimal levels of fats and carbohydrates to help fuel your active dog 

  4. CLEAN TEETH, HEALTHY GUMS: 3D DentaDefense™ in our adult and senior products is proven to reduce tarter 

  5. HEALTHY SKIN & RADIANT COAT: OmegaCoat™ with optimal ratios of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids

  6. GENTLE DIGESTION: Natural fiber, guaranteed antioxidant levels and prebiotic blend for active dogs. 

  7. STRONG IMMUNE SYSTEM: Special antioxidant blend to promote immune functions 

  8. HEALTHY MOBILITY: Adult and Senior dry foods supports lean muscles and healthy mobility with animal protein and a combination of glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate