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Happy Tails Dog Training Classes

Help your pet be the best he can be! A well-behaved pet is the goal of obedience training. You’ll learn how to socialize your pet and how to prevent unwanted behaviors. Plus, your dog will learn the basic doggy manners that make living with your pet a joy.

Once you are through the basics, the two of you may want to explore more challenging skills, like Rally or Agility. See our list of class descriptions to choose the class that’s right for you.

Positive pet training provided by Linda Laun, Director.

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Session I: Beginning week of 1/10/21

Session 2: Beginning week of  3/14/21 

Session 3: Beginning week of 5/9/21

Session 4: Beginning week of 7/11/21


Session 5: Beginning week of 9/19/21 

Each session runs for 6 weeks, with each class running for approximately one hour at all participating Feeders Supply locations.

All trainers are certified by the Animal Behavior College, AKC, or are a Graduate of Happy Tails Pet Training Apprentice Program and have a minimum of 5 years of training experience.

6-week Session Fee is $119.99: $24.99 non-refundable deposit, $95 due at first class. Register at a nearby Feeders Supply store or below. 

Class Descriptions

The fee for each session is $119.99: $24.99 non-refundable deposit plus $95 due at first class. Pre-registration is required. Register online. Ages are at the time class begins. All dogs 4 months of age or older are required to have a rabies vaccination. Proof of current vaccinations per veterinarian recommendation.

Level I Puppy

For puppies 8 to 18 weeks old. (Older, shy dogs may attend puppy after a consultation). The main focus of this class is socialization & management skills. Basic behaviors such as sit and leash walking will be introduced. Orientation for first class starts at 6:30 pm and is conducted without dogs present.

Level I Adult

For dogs 18 weeks and older. The focus of this class is basic skills and manners. Orientation for the first class starts at 6:30 pm, and is conducted without dogs present.

Level I Puppy/Adult Combo

Orientation session for first class starts at 6:30 pm and is conducted without dogs present.

Level II Adult

For dogs 18 weeks & older. Must have attended Level I orientation at Feeders Supply and Level I class or its equivalent. Dog must have good attention & focus, average leash-walking skills, and the ability to hold at least a 1-minute sit/down-stay.

Level III Adult

Must have completed Level II class or its equivalent and have attended Level I orientation at Feeders Supply. Level III may include but is not limited to advanced obedience skills, Rally obedience, tricks or other targeted behaviors.

CGC/CGCA Tricks and Therapy Dog Prep

These classes will focus on skills required to pass the AKC CGC/CGCA and Tricks test and/or Therapy Dog Test. Other intermediate level behaviors will be included such as prolonged stays and working at higher levels of distraction. 

Fun & Games with Your Dog

Uses Tug and games to teach bite inhibition, impulse control and basic manners. Behaviors are Tug, Out, Wait, Attention, Retrieve, Down, Sit and other things like dancing and competitions. This class is designed for the owner and dog who want to continue with training but have mastered the basics.


Introduction to agility equipment using positive and safe techniques that are fun for you and your dog.

Nose Work

Get your dog in the fun sport of Scent Training! Dogs are trained to alert to a specific odor that is hidden. Areas are containers, interior like a room. Exterior, and buried. Dogs need to have basic obedience and need to have graduated from a beginner class.  You may work on a collar or non restrictive harness. Small treats and or toys for rewards. Dog must posses the basic commands of sit and down, and the ability to handle being around other dogs. All dogs can do this and most really enjoy it. Big or tiny. All have noses they want to use!


This is a Level II class with the performance sport of Rally. A course is laid out with stations that require specific behaviors for you and your dog to complete.

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Smart Puppy - FREE

The Smart Start Puppy class is completely FREE. Just sign up to reserve your spot for puppies 4 months and younger.

This class will help you make the most of your puppy’s brain that is ripe for new information. All your puppy-raising questions will be answered, and you will have a head start when you enroll in a group puppy class.

Topics to be covered:

1. The best way to socialize when you cannot meet lots of new people.  - 2. What to do about puppy biting

3. Teach your pup not to jump on people

4. Beyond fetch - fun games for kids to play with puppies

5. Housetraining - options that work for you and your pup

6. Shy pups, wild pups - what to do?

Class Schedules

Level 1 classes have orientation first night at 6:30 pm without dogs, Level 2 & 3 with dogs

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Class fee is $119.99;  $24.99 non-refundable deposit due at sign-up. The remaining balance of $95 due at first class. Click here to download our class release form.