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There are more than 2,200 types of fleas in the world and it only takes one to make you and your pet miserable. Flea infestations are more than a hassle--they can be very harmful to your pet, potentially causing skin rashes and serious illnesses. Ticks are no laughing matter, either. The dangers they pose to your pets are very real. Ticks are parasitic arthropods that feed on the blood of your pets, potentially exposing them to diseases, and they can even cause anemia or paralysis. Exposure to fleas and ticks is possible every time that you open the door to take your four-legged friend for a walk. So, what can you do about it? At Feeders Supply, we offer a variety of flea and tick products to fit your pet's needs, because we believe that prevention is the key to protection.

Prevention = Protection


For Dogs

We have a wide assortment of flea and tick treatment options from some of the leading brands such as Frontline, K9 advantix, Sentry, Seresto, Petlock, and more. Come in today to learn more!

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For Cats

We have many options for flea and tick treatments for your feline friend. Whether you are looking for a collar, topical treatment, or an oral medication, we have all the best products from all the leading brands such as Advantage II, Frontline Plus, Sentry, Seresto, and more.

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