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When it comes to pet food, there are a lot of decisions. Here at Feeders Supply we understand. That is why Nutrition is our passion.


We’ve been in business for 60 years and have grown and evolved as pet nutrition has advanced. We offer the latest innovations in pet food nutrition as well as time tested brands so that you can choose the very best food for your pet. 


Offering many premium, organic and raw pet food options. We take great pride in selecting a variety of the best dog and cat food brands available for the pet lovers who rely on us. We support brands that focus on pet well-being and nutrition. Many of the brands we carry are family-owned and operated companies, just like we are!

Feeders supplies

Trusted advisors

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Our trusted Pet Care Advisors are here for you. They are trained to understand the benefits of all our quality foods and to assist you with the best advice and decisions on what to feed your four-legged family members. 


With all the pet food choices available today, it's easy to get overwhelmed by advertising, buzz words and flashy packaging. We're here to sort through the hype, help you navigate ingredient panels, and ultimately, guide you in selecting the best nutrition for your pet.


Every premium brand we carry comes with a guarantee. If your pet doesn’t like the food you purchase, return the  bag to any of our stores, and we’ll exchange it for something else. Our goal is healthy pets and happy pet lovers.