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Feeders Supply Company's story began in 1959, selling feed to Louisville area livestock farms. Today, we are recognized as a premier retailer of pet foods and pet supplies and known throughout the region as “The Pet Lovers Store.” Since our first store opened on Baxter Avenue many years ago, it has been our joy to meet and offer specialty products and services to thousands of pets and pet parents across the Bluegrass State and Southern Indiana.


Over the years, our products have evolved, knowledge has grown, and we have expanded to better serve the neighborhood communities that are very important to us. But the one thing that remains the same is our love for our customers and the desire to provide you with the very best products and service in the business. Your pets' health and happiness is what drives us--in our stores, you'll always be greeted with a smile and a willingness to help. At Feeders Supply, you're more than just a customer, you're part of our family.

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In the 1970s owner Roy D. Gibson added commercial accounts to Feeders Supply’s offerings and new era of growth ensued. He soon secured the Louisville Zoo feed contract and later was awarded the Kentucky Exposition Center’s Livestock Show feed and bedding contract. Feeders Supply proudly continues to serve these two, major commercial clients today.


By the mid-1980s a new retail category was emerging, the pet food and supply store. Pioneer premium pet foods such as Science Diet and Eagle were being introduced, and pet owners were discovering the value of feeding a quality food. The Baxter Avenue warehouse was converted into a retail store and began selling pet food and Feeders Supply, The Pet Lovers Store was born.  Roy’s daughters joined the business as sales took off  -  Diane Gibson Ives went to work in the accounting department, and Pam Gibson Longwell assumed marketing and, later, general manager duties.


Over the last twenty years, Feeders Supply has opened a new store nearly every year. There are now 20 neighborhood stores throughout the Kentuckiana area and Lexington. Our corporate purchasing department is determined to make sure our stores carry the brands and products you love.  We make sure our shelves are stocked with a great selection premium pet food brands and pet supplies to make your life with your pet as easy and as fulfilling as possible.


The modern warehouse and distribution center allows Feeders Supply to purchase truckload quantities of premium pet foods, pet supplies, wild bird feed and a host of other items. This volume buying power helps keep our prices very competitive.

In 2008, Feeders Supply purchased Allen Robertson and Company’s commercial salt business. This commercial business was combined with Feeders Supply’s operation, expanding our salt sales beyond consumer retail offerings.

The company culture contains an emphasis on our heritage of great customer service. We believe in the importance of product knowledge and in making sure that each and every customer and their pet know how important they are to the company.  Today every new employee attends corporate customer service training and a pet nutrition class. Ongoing training continues in the stores and through monthly product seminars.



As for Feeders Supply’s future, President and CEO Pam Gibson Longwell said, “We will continue to serve the needs of our customers and their pets. We’ll also continue to support our area animal rescue organizations and to promote pet adoption. We’re proud to be part of the communities we serve. And, we recognize our responsibility to give back, to share our good fortune in ways that help make our hometown a great place to live.”