Pet Lover's Picks

These are just a few of the special products we’d like you to know more about. Our goal is to make your pet parenting experience just as happy as it can be, because we know that you want the very best for your special pal. Our staff chooses a few products every month that we feel meet a special need or solve a particular pet challenge.

Pet Lover's Picks for this month:

Sale prices apply November 15th through December 12th

Dog Gone Smart Dirty Dog Doormats

Save up to $3.50

The Dirty Dog Doormat magically soaks up water, dirt, and mud so the mess stays in the mat...keeping your floors clean and dry!

Petrageous Arcadia Apparel & Accessories

Everyday Low Price on Eddie Bauer Clothing starting at $15.99

Keep your pet warm and fashionable this winter with cute and comfy sweaters and coats. Available in many styles and sizes to suit every pet’s unique style.

Exo Terra Starter Kits

Save up to $9.75

Pictured item at $132.95


Complete line of reptile habitat products to help you generate conditions as close to nature as possible. Create a healthy environment for virtually any species with Exo Terra!

Nature's Miracle

30% OFF!

Nature's Miracle Stain & Odor Remover Nature's Enzymatic Formula works to eliminate stains and odors caused by puppies, dogs, cats, and other pets including urine and feces accidents, food, drooling, bedding stain and odors, and other hard-to-get-out pet messes.

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