Top 5 Favorite Dog Chews

We don't just work at a pet store, we're pet people! Many of us at Feeders Supply have our own pets, so naturally they get to sample a lot of the products we carry. This week, we're bringing you the top 5 long-lasting chews that our dogs love!

Himalayan Dog Chew

What's in it: Yak & cow milk, lime juice, salt

Size variety: Tiny to large dogs

Now here's a chew you can feel good about! Himilayan Dog Chews are actually a super hard cheese that ages for many months. No scary chemicals or processing--just long-lasting flavor even picky dogs love!

Stephanie's tip: Microwave the small remaining pieces for 45-60 seconds and they turn into a crunchy puff that your dog will love!

Naturally Shed Deer Antler

What's in it: Just deer antlers

Size variety: Small to large dogs

These chews are exactly what they sound like--deer antlers. Fun fact: deer actually shed their antlers every year in the spring and begin growing a new set. Meaning antler chews are a sustainable and renewable source of long-lasting enjoyment for our dogs! Antlers of all different sizes are available, whole or split, which exposes the marrow for maximum flavor.

Dana's tip: Whole antlers tend to last a little longer than split antlers, so I recommend whole antlers for the strongest chewers!

Knuckle Bone

What's in it: Beef bone

Size variety: Medium to large dogs

This is one bone that's going to be hanging around for awhile! Knuckle bones come in two varieties, white and meaty. Meaty knuckles pack an extra flavor punch because they've been roasted with some meat still on the bone. These bones are edible, but be sure to supervise your dog when chewing a knuckle bone. There is potential for large pieces to break off from time to time that could present a choking hazard.

Richard's tip: Knuckles provide my dog with hours of chewing fun! I usually take them away after 30 minutes or so and save the remaining bone for another day.

Bully Stick

What's in it: Beef pizzle

Size variety: Tiny to large dogs

You'll find bully sticks in tons of different shapes and sizes. They're super tough and will hold up to a decent amount of chewing for most dogs. Bully sticks are fully edible and won't splinter or chip. They tend to get a little stinky after being chewed for awhile, but you can bet your pup won't mind! When choosing a bully stick, be sure to get one large enough for your dog that it won't be a choking hazard. We always recommend supervising your dog when they have a bully stick, as with any chew you give them. As they chew them down to smaller pieces, you'll want to make sure they aren't attempting to swallow it whole.

Michael's tip: I usually go for the more unique shapes, like the bully stick braids and springs. They tend to last a little longer for my dog.

Raw Bone

What's in it: Animal bone

Size variety: Small to large dogs

Raw bones are some of the best treats you can give a dog. Because they're uncooked, these bones retain a high nutritional value and can actually be incorporated into your dog's regular diet. They're also great for helping maintain healthy teeth and gums--live enzymes in the bones actually help to eat away plaque on your dog's teeth! You can find raw bones in the freezer, available in several different sizes and two main categories: recreational and meaty. Recreational bones, such as marrow bones and femurs, are meant for recreational chewing and are not fully edible. Meaty bones on the other hand ar

e meant to be entirely consumed. Chicken backs, chicken necks and turkey necks are types of meaty bones.

Kara's Tip: Raw bones are perfect for summertime! I give them to my dogs straight from the freezer to help them cool off on hot days. They can be a little messy, so I think outside is the best place for dogs to chew them.

  • What are your dog's favorite chews? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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