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Real food. That's what you get when you open a can of Weruva cat food. Fresh, quality meats that are recognizable, like shredded white meat chicken together with whole vegetables you can actually see--so good you may want to eat it yourself! And you totally could, because it's made in human grade facilities with the highest quality standards. (Disclaimer: we're not actually suggesting that you eat pet food, but you probably knew that.) 😉

Weruva is a family-owned company that was born from a couple's desire to feed their cats the best food possible. Finding little that satisfied their needs, they set out to make it themselves, and in 2006, Weruva was founded. Their cat food cans made waves in the industry, featuring top quality meats, fresh vegetables, and a few unique ingredients, such as skipjack, calamari and tilapia.

Today, Weruva has quite a selection of canned foods and wet food pouches. All wet foods are low carb, in the range of 1-3%, making them an excellent choice for pets with diabetes or cancer. The high moisture content also provides an essential source of water, especially for cats who may not drink enough water on their own, which can cause urinary tract problems. Weruva wet foods are also low in phosphorus (because they use boneless meats) and sodium, so they are a great option for pets with kidney issues, as well. Also, for pets with allergies, you'll find that the ingredient lists are short, meaning less potential for allergic reactions, and there are plenty of grain-free options, as well.

So, no matter what your pet's nutrition needs are, or if you're just looking to give your pet a taste of something different, Weruva has something for everyone. We always recommend supplementing kibble with wet food as an easy way to increase your pet's water intake, so try Weruva today at Feeders Supply, and see what real food can do for your pets!

Company Highlights

  • Founded in 2006

  • Family-owned

  • Recall-free

  • Made in human-grade facility

Inside the Can

  • Fresh, boneless meats

  • Wholesome vegetables and grains

  • Shredded meats and visible vegetables

  • Numerous flavor and protein choices available

  • Available in 3 & 6 oz. cans and 3 oz. pouches

Unique Features

  • Great for pets with cancer, diabetes or kidney problems

  • Available in pouches, for smaller portions, toppers, or on-the-go feeding

  • Unique ingredients like mackerel, skipjack, calamari, tilapia, etc.

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