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The makers of Fussie Cat food know that cats can be hard to please. One of the biggest feline problems customers come to us for is finding something to satisfy a picky eater. After all, cats are true carnivores and demand a diet packed full of high quality animal protein. With Fussie Cat, the main ingredient is always high quality meat, like chicken, tuna or salmon, with never any cheap fillers like corn, wheat and soy that your cat simply can't digest.

Not only does Fussie Cat focus on high quality ingredients, this company also recognizes that good nutrition is useless if your cat won't eat it. To help make sure your cat will actually eat their food, Fussie Cat products are always co-created by cats. Using feline focus groups, real feedback comes from real cats to to make sure all products are highly palatable before being released to the market. Quality-control is also a big concern for pet parents, so Fussie Cat foods are made in FDA-registered kitchens, where inspections take place on a daily basis to ensure your cat's food is held to the same safety standards as human food.

Fussie Cat is formulated based on the "3 Keys to Feline Vitality”:

  1. Meat First

Cats are obligate carnivores, meaning they have to eat meat in order to survive. Their diet requires complete proteins with essential amino acids, and Fussie Cat foods contain just that.

  1. Count Carbs

There’s no debate that cat’s do not thrive on a carbohydrate-based diet. Fussie Cat canned foods contain only 3-5% calories from carbs so your cat's nutrition comes from the high-quality meat she needs.

  1. Stay Hydrated A cat’s true prey diet would consist of 70% moisture. When fed strictly a kibble diet, cats do not get the water they need. Pairing canned food with kibble is the best way to ensure your cat stays hydrated and healthy. Canned food is also an easy way to introduce variety into your cat's diet.

No matter what your cat's taste buds prefer, Fussie Cat has something to bring out her appetite. Visit Feeders Supply today to see our large selection of Fussie Cat foods.

Company Highlights

  • Made with human-grade ingredients

  • Facility inspections performed daily

  • Grain and grain free formulas

  • No recalls

What's in the can

  • Multiple proteins to choose from

  • Grain free formulas

  • Minimal carbohydrates

  • Available in 2.8oz cans

Unique Features

  • Shredded canned formulas

  • Cat tested for palatability

  • Low carbohydrate index

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