10 Herbal Remedies for Canine Arthritis

If your dog suffers from painful joints or arthritis, relief could be growing right outside! These 10 all natural remedies come from plants found in nature, and could help your canine companion start feeling like a pup again.


A small alpine plant with yellow blossoms. The flower heads can be made into tea, massage oil or a tincture. These blossoms relieve bruises, arthritis and inflammation.


A large tree that is native to India, this potent anti inflammatory shrinks inflamed tissue by improving circulation and increasing synovial fluid viscosity. Boswellia helps to alleviate pain and improve range of motion within a week of daily use and can help slow the progression of cartilage damage. This is a bitter herb and should be made into capsules.


The most important part of the plant is the chemical cannabidol or CBD for short. CBD has therapeutic properties and can be used in a variety of ways such as flower buds, oils, tinctures and other extracts.

A great way to supplement cannabis is through a product called CannaGurt, which is a freeze-dried goat milk supplement from Steve's Real Food that also contains 2.6 mg of CBD per rehydrated ounce.


Cayenne increases circulation to sore joints and painful areas when applied topically. It can also be given in capsules or sprinkled lightly on foods. While most dogs tolerate this well and see nice improvement, some dogs can be sensitive and should be taken off of it if adverse effects are shown.


This herb soothes mind and body, relaxes the nerves and soothes muscle cramps. It can be added to your pet's food or applied topically.


Comfrey speeds the healing of wounds and even broken bones. This herb should not be taken internally but can be applied as a rinse or tincture to the sore area itself.

Devils Claw Root

Native to South Africa, this root stimulates the lymph system and is detoxifying for the entire body. It is usually taken in capsules. Beware to only buy this from a sustainable source as much of this root from the US is of little value because of over harvesting.


With daisy like blossoms this herb has a unique ability to prevent migraine headaches. It has said to have long lasting effects even after the herb is no longer taken. This one is usually taken in capsules.


Stimulating, warming and anti-inflammatory, ginger helps to improve circulation and digestion.


This herb has a good trace of the mineral silicon which will help in bone formation and connective tissue health. Taking this internally improves the skin, coat nails and joints. Applying externally as well will help speed the results.

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