Company Highlight: Merrick

Merrick Pet food has been around the pet food industry since 1988. Starting with the ever popular “Flossie” dental chew, they dominated the market with a healthy treat that dogs loved. Once they realized that pet parents were hungry for more healthy food and treats for their pets, they quickly started handcrafting an all natural pet food with fresh ingredients.

Merrick continues to unveil new pet products each year. They know that in a market that is ever-growing with educated pet parents seeking quality nutrition, they must stay on top of the need for new formulas and exotic proteins. Backed by a 5 star promise, you can be assured that only the best ingredients from top notch farmers are included in their bags. You will never find an ingredient from China!

With food spanning every category including grain free, freeze-dried, limited ingredients and exotic meats, you are sure to find a food that will be just right for your pet. Pet parents will also be happy to know Merrick also offers a vast selection of quality treats that nicely compliment their foods. Another wonderful thing about Merrick is that they have a giving spirit, donating to 25 pet shelters nationwide last year. Now that’s a company that we can get behind!

Company Highlights

  • 29 Year old company

  • Quality ingredients in all of their foods

  • Philanthropic company

Inside the Bag

  • No Chinese ingredients

  • Ingredients from top notch farmers

  • Grain free and LID formulas

  • Exotic meats

Unique Features

  • 5 different lines each with several formulas

  • Allergy line

  • Treats for pairing with foods

  • Cans that match dry foods

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