How to Help Your Pet Lose Weight

Just like in humans, our pets' weight can greatly affect their health, and even increase the risk of problems like joint issues, arthritis, and diabetes. Whether your pet has a serious weight problem, or you just want to help Fido look his best on the beach this summer, we're here to help. These are some simple ways that you can help your dog shed the winter pounds and be at his optimal weight in no time! After all, pets that maintain a healthy weight tend to live longer and happier lives.

Feed less.

There is really no need for a low calorie or diet food to cut your pet’s calorie intake. Feeding less of the same food that they are currently eating will do the job just fine.

Help him feel fuller.

Now that your pet is eating less food they may feel hungry more often. To help curb the hunger try soaking your pet’s food for several minutes in warm water before offering it. This will help the kibble expand and fill his tummy more. You can also add no-sodium green beans for a healthy way to fill him up while still cutting calories.

Take it easy on the treats.

It's easy to forget about all the treats we give our pets throughout the day. We get it--who could resist those puppy dog eyes? However, if you are serious about getting the pounds off, it's essential that you cut back on the treats, or switch to a healthier, low-calorie option. Veggies like baby carrots, green beans and broccoli make excellent crunchy snacks, while fruits like strawberries, blueberries and bananas provide a healthy sweet treat. Just be sure to avoid grapes, raisins, avocados and of course chocolate, which can be toxic to dogs. When in doubt about the potential effects of a food, research it first before giving it to your pet.

Get moving.

Walk, walk, walk. If there's anything a dog loves more than eating it’s stretching his legs! Providing your dog with regular exercise is one of the best things you can do for his health and his weight. If you're a runner and you're dog is used to running, then take him for a jog a few times a week. Other ideas include visiting your local park, hiking a scenic trail or exploring a new neighborhood. You might even consider enrolling your pup in an agility course for a more stimulating workout each week.

Be patient.

Don't get discouraged if you don't see results right away. Your pet didn't gain the extra pounds overnight, and he won't lose them that quickly either. It might be helpful to split your weight loss goal into smaller incremental goals. As you reach each milestone, take a moment to celebrate--you'll feel encouraged, and your pup will feel the excitement, too. Remember, patience and persistence are the best plan for achieving weight loss success.

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