5 Reasons to Add Raw Food to Your Pet's Diet

When pets are fed a diet that mimics their ancestral diet, they not only survive, they thrive. Feeding your pet a diet rich in protein, healthy fats, fruits and vegetables can add valuable years to their life. Getting healthy ingredients in their diet is not difficult to do. In fact, with pre-packaged raw food taking over the pet food industry, it is now easier than ever to add the best ingredients right to you pet's bowl.

Here are 5 reasons to add raw food to your pet's diet:

  1. Allergies - Allergies exhibit themselves in many different forms. Sometimes the dog has runny eyes, itchy skin, chews their feet, sneezes etc. We see it everyday here at Feeders Supply. Allergies can make anyone miserable, but your pet doesn’t have to live that way. Adding raw to their diet helps by including foods that don’t contain many of the allergy triggering ingredients and by keeping the protein to a single source. This is easier on their system and helps to keep inflammation at bay.

  2. Dental problems - What if we told you that feeding your dog raw food would help to keep those costly dentals to a bare minimum? The natural enzymes in raw food actually act as nature's toothbrush and help to keep tartar and bacteria off of the teeth. Raw is also a great solution for dogs with missing or broken teeth!

  3. Energy - Have you noticed that your pet just isn't acting like their younger self? Feeding subpar nutrition can make any animal feel sluggish and not at their best. Raw food gives them the protein, fat, and fresh ingredients they need to maintain a well balance of energy and vitality.

  4. Picky eating - Everyday we have a customer that is at their wit's end with their dog not eating what is offered. For those picky eaters that just can’t seem to be satisfied, we always recommend trying a raw topper and seeing how they react. Most customers are surprised to see how excited their pet can be about food again.

  5. Weight issues - Whether your pet is overweight or underweight, the right balance of protein and fat offered in a raw diet can help dogs and cats to maintain a healthy weight. It's not full of unnecessary carbohydrates like many kibbles on the market, and raw doesn’t have fillers to add bulk to your pet's diet without actually offering quality nutrition.

Now that you understand the importance of getting a high quality raw diet into your pet’s bowl, stop by the Pet Lovers Store and ask one of our friendly associates to get you started on the right formula for your pet, or shop raw food online now!

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