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At Instinct, we believe what we feed our pets can enable them to really thrive. And in our minds, everything we feed our pets should be real, whole, pure and as close to its natural state as possible. We really don’t see an alternative to that.

We think “natural” should actually mean what it says. For us it means following nature’s lead. And always choosing what’s better. That’s why we use only natural, raw ingredients and vitamins and minerals derived from real, natural foods. Nothing artificial. No unnecessary preservatives. No compromises.

We believe Real Food is Raw®. We think what we feed our pets should be whole and intact. That’s why we preserve the integrity of our ingredients by never heating them or diminishing their nutrients.

At Instinct®, our purest recipes inspire everything we make. Never cooked, 100% raw nutrition, minimally processed and frozen to preserve the integrity of every ingredient.

Add raw to your pet’s diet as often as you’d like. It’s complete and balanced, so you can fully transition your pet to frozen raw nutrition or you can add it to your pet’s current routine.

No matter the frequency, your pet will benefit from protein-packed, nutrient-rich, whole food nutrition.

At Instinct, Real Food is Raw®.

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