The Honest Kitchen, Whole Food Clusters, the world’s first human grade dry food

We’re so excited to announce a new product from The Honest Kitchen, Whole Food Clusters, the world’s first human grade dry food! In addition to being 100% human grade, Whole Food Clusters boast single-source protein recipes, contains no meat meals, GMO ingredients, fillers, artificial flavors, or by-products.

To produce Whole Food Clusters, The Honest Kitchen built their own production line in a human food facility and invented a propriety way of making the food, MadeHonest™. This involves first mixing whole foods in small batches, then cold pressing into clusters. Each cluster is then slow roasted and gently dehydrated to protect the nutrients, keeping the food vibrant, colorful, and much healthier than conventional kibble that’s extruded at high temperatures. This process allows beneficial antioxidants from vibrant foods like kale, pumpkin, and carrots to be present in each bite-sized cluster. They look different because they’re made different.

The gentle way of making the food also means that each Cluster is bursting with super meaty flavor, and dogs LOVE the taste!

The Honest Kitchen makes a full line of human grade pet foods, toppers and encourages feeding a variety of foods. They were founded in 2002 and pioneered Human Grade food for dogs. Human Grade means that the ingredients and production of the food meet the same quality standards as food for humans.

Stop in any Feeders Supply location to try Whole Food Clusters, your dog will love them!

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