Halloween Items Your Dog Should Avoid

When the calendar page flips to October, count on a chill in the air, leaves changing from red to amber, and hot soups and football games. The tenth month of the year also signals the end of the harvest season, the beginning of the holiday festivities, and, on October 31, the magical night of Halloween. That’s when children dress up as ghosts and princesses, go door to door asking for candy, and call out, “Trick or treat!” The kids are happy, but your dog? Not so much.

When he sees you give the little ones a sweet treat that they pop into their mouths or drop into their pumpkins, your dog will naturally want in on the goodies. He loves food, and when he looks at you with those big brown puppy-dog eyes, you will think he’s hungry. If this tempts you to unwrap a piece of candy and give it to him, resist the urge! Chances are, he won’t be hungry, especially if you feed him dinner before the superheroes and cheerleaders come knocking. He will just want to eat what you and the kids are eating—but don’t give in!

Candy Is Not Dandy For Dogs Candy of all forms is unhealthy for dogs. Chocolate is famously dangerous, whether it’s dark, milk, or white. Although the most dangerous chocolates are dark chocolate and unsweetened baking chocolate, all types contain caffeine and theobromine, which are poisonous to dogs. And if the treat includes macadamia nuts, it is a double no-no for canines, as these nuts can cause uncomfortable symptoms.

Also forget giving your dog candy made with xylitol. This noncaloric sweetener, used in sugar-free gum, candy, and baked goods, is off-limits. While xylitol doesn’t affect human blood sugar levels, it’s dangerous for dogs because it causes more insulin to circulate through the canine body, which lowers blood sugar and can lead to liver failure.

Is candy made with real sugar any healthier? No. Eating too much sugar may lead to obesity, dental issues, and the onset of diabetes.

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