How often should you groom your pet?

Feeders Supply is overjoyed to now offer grooming services to our loyal customers in the Louisville area. Whether your dog needs a full spa getaway, or maybe you just want a professional to cut your cat’s nails, your pet will receive professional and compassionate care at our full service grooming salon in Pewee Valley.

We sat down with our Grooming Salon Manager, Samantha, to learn some of her top tips for maintaining your pet’s service.

“I started grooming pets over 10 years ago, while working with local shelters and rescue animals, and I became a Certified Professional Pet Stylist through Penn Foster in 2010. It brings me great joy to help be a part of the positive change in pets’ and their peoples’ lives. Being hands-on and working with others who are passionate about their pets continually drives my mission of promoting responsible pet ownership, as well as teaching and educating people on how to properly take care of their pets.”

So, how often should I groom my pet?

Honestly, the answer is based on the lifestyle you live with your pet. As a general rule, the more active the lifestyle, the more grooming required. Other things like the type of coat and length of hair come into play as well.

If your pet’s hair grows quickly, it will require regular trims to stay healthy (just like humans). Similarly, if your pet’s coat never stops shedding, it will require a de-shedding treatment every so often.

We may need to address your pet’s overall nutrition if you notice that their coat always feels greasy/oily. Just like your human hair stylist can tell certain things by the condition of your hair and scalp, your groomer should be able to make recommendations to improve your pet’s quality of life.

Do you have a cat who sheds a lot or has an oily coat? Watch out for our next blog in this grooming series! We’ll give you the inside scoop about what cat grooming is really like.

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