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Last Minute Gifts Ideas

Gift giving can be stressful. However, the one gift that keeps giving is our pets! So treat the pet lover in your life by treating their pets.

For the dog lover – We have a wide variety of dog sweaters that are sure to make the dog lover in your life glee! Every dog needs a sweater to keep them warm and stylish during the holiday season.

Cat Lover – Nothing like some Meowijuana for the cat lover in your life! Cats go crazy for this rolled up catnip. A happy cat is a happy owner.

Bird Lover – Prevue Pet Caged Bird Toys are the way to go for your bird lover. Birds need to be kept mentally stimulated and new toys are the perfect way to do this! A bored bird is not a happy bird so this gift would be sure to put a smile on your bird lovers face.

Ferret Lover – For the ferret parent in your life you can’t go wrong with Marshall’s Bandits Treats. Ferret’s are fun and crazy creatures that often do not get the recognition they deserve. The ferret parent in your life will appreciate you acknowledging their ferret as a member of the family.

And of course, you can never go wrong with a gift card that way the pet lover in your life can pick up whatever essentials they may need for whatever pet they have! Gift cards can be purchased at one of our Feeders Supply locations.

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