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Your Pet’s Dental Health

Dental health is very important. For humans, our health starts in the mouth. It is no different for your dog or cat. 1 in 3 pets over the age of 3 suffer from signs of periodontal disease. To keep it simple, teeth and gum health are just as important for your pets as it is for you. So, what are some ways you can help support your pet’s dental health?

1. Regular teeth brushing is highly recommended. There are even brushless teeth gels that you can get to clean their teeth as they lick the gel off their teeth. Abrasive action is going to be the best way to combat dental and breath problems so making sure you are brushing their teeth whether it is you, your vet, or groomer is important.

2. Raw bones can also help with creating an ideal environment for good bacteria in the mouth and the bad bacteria cannot survive due to the acidity of raw diets or bones.

3. Dental treats and water additives can also help combat plaque and tartar. If you are looking for recommendations you cannot go wrong with

or Dental Fresh Water Additive. This way your pet will get a tasty treat while helping to maintain their dental health.

Your pet’s dental health is important to us! Feeders Supply has all the products you need to help promote your pet’s dental health. Never run out of your dental essentials when you select AutoOrder at checkout.

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