Below are the Local Animal Rescue Organizations that will benefit from our pet washes on Feb. 13-16th


πŸ’—Baxter Ave-  Shamrock 

πŸ’—Middletown-  Shamrock 

πŸ’—Fern Creek- Bullit County Animal Rescue 

πŸ’—Preston-Kentucky Humane Society

πŸ’—Hikes Point- Saving Sunny

πŸ’—Springhurst- My Dog Eats First

πŸ’—Dixie- The Arrow Fund

πŸ’—Clarksville- Humane Association of Clark County

πŸ’—Elizabethtown- Animal Refuge Center

πŸ’—St. Matthews- The Arrow Fund

πŸ’—Shepherdsville- Bullit County Animal Rescue 

πŸ’—Holiday Manor- CatHeads

πŸ’—State Street- FCARL

πŸ’—Frankfort- Franklin County Humane Society

πŸ’—Pewee Valley- MisPits

πŸ’—North Dixie- Saving Sunny

πŸ’—LaGrange- Humane Society of Oldham County

πŸ’—Southland- Lexington Humane Society

πŸ’—Richmond- Lexington Humane Society

πŸ’—Millpond Center- Lexington Humane Society

πŸ’—Corydon- Heart Humane Society and the Harrison County Animal Control 

πŸ’—Walton- Grant County Animal Shelter

πŸ’—Jeffersonville- JB Ogle